Online Compline (Night Prayer)



on Sundays at 9pm. Just click this link for all the Compline services:

Meeting ID: 726 7443 6320  Passcode: dUCV81


Typical text is available to read beforehand at


The service will last about 15 minutes and you are very welcome to join us.


If you'd like to join a Compline on other nights of the week, Richmond deanery runs an online Compline or Night Prayer at 9pm, 7 days a week. The Zoom link is


With their permission I recorded the service on 2 February and put it on YouTube so you could see what happens without actually taking the plunge!


The YouTube link is



So, Sundays at 9pm for Compline (Knaresborough) and every day at 9pm (Richmond). Places don't matter with Zoom so please join either group from wherever you live.



Best wishes



Reader at Nidd