Nidd Church


Church of St Paul & St Margaret (1866)
 Street, Nidd, N.Yorks, HG3 3BN 


10.30 Prayer Book service every Sunday

21 January 1900


The future of Nidd Church


Thoughts from a Mattins discussion 12 July


Thanks to all 15 who came and offered their views and to a further 6 who sent apologies.



dwindling numbers = lack of growth + possible closure.




1. Re-vamp services away from unintelligible BCP language. More "buzz", family-friendly, involve children, update music - choir?, some secular readings.

Pros: Quite possible and fun to try. Different.

Cons: Loss of traditional BCP for which Nidd has become known. Fall between two stools? No toilets for young families - hotel's policy "no children" there. Not sure exactly what would draw numbers because no "new" people present to say, therefore "preaching to the converted."


2. Continue with BCP as now.

Pros: Faithful but small following. Niche market. Centuries of history - authentic. The only "fully-accredited" CofE forms of service. Older worshippers and visitors like it "reminds me of my childhood". Nidd's tradition of choral Mattins (no choir) gives congregations plenty to do.

Cons: Not a growing church. Without explanation, language can be off-putting. Always the same - boring.


3. Publicity needs improvement in any case - where is the church geographically? Road signage, newspaper notices (one appearing shortly - thank you benefactor), "What's On". Flyer/newsletter to village houses. Special services (as Christmas) but for other occasions such as Mothering Sunday. Update commentary in service booklets. Make room for some solo music.


I'm thinking seriously. Please do the same and let me know.

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