Nidd Church


Church of St Paul & St Margaret (1866)
 Street, Nidd, N.Yorks, HG3 3BN 


10.30 Prayer Book service every Sunday

21 January 1900


Occasional thoughts

for occasional moments ....

The boy was no different from many others.


Why should he go to church when he believed already?

"Go and see the old man in the woods" they told him. "You know, the hermit in the cave."


Without a word the old man beckoned him in and sat him him down by a fire of red hot coals.


The boy watched as the hermit took some tongs, and leaning forward, lifted one of the bright coals out of the fire. As he held it, the boy watched its colour change from bright red, to a dark red, to black as the coal cooled. It was as if the life had left it.


Then the old man put the coal back into the middle of the fire, and gradually the coal regained its colour as it heated up again, surrounded by the other hot coals.


No words were spoken by either, but the boy understood.